National Liberation Day of Korea 2012 (Aug 15)


Each year Korea celebrates its liberation from Japan in 1945. On the same day in 1948, the government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) was established.  (Image by Google)


About Deb Sistrunk Nelson

I’m a journalist, communicator, educator, mom, and wife. Sometimes these different facets of my life collide and make for crazy conversation. I’m a news junkie and a voracious reader on virtually anything related to media. When I’m not writing for business or pleasure, I tutor kids and adults. I also teach English as a Second Language. It’s one of the great thrills of my life.

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  1. My nephew is in the PhD program at University of Seoul. He’s studying physics and mathematics. He’s now fluent in Korean. My hope is to get to South Korea in the near future… perhaps, next year.

    • MJR: Your nephew sounds quite impressive! I’ve started to learn the Korean language, but I still have studying to do. If you make it to South Korea, I think you’ll enjoy your visit. Thanks for stopping by.

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