About Deb

Welcome to Kimchi, One Day at a Time.  I have launched this blog on the eve of my first trip to South Korea, where I will work as an English instructor.  For the past two years in California, I have served as a teacher to immigrants who are English language learners.  Without a doubt, working outside of the United States in another culture promises lots of adventures.  I am up for the challenge!  You are invited to follow my journey on this site.  I welcome your comments.

More on my background:  I have been fortunate to have worked in dual careers, education and communications.  My experience includes working in radio and television newsrooms.  In education I have focused primarily on public relations, marketing and research.  For the past six years, I have pursued another passion — blogging.  You’re invited to check out my communications blog, Media by Sistrunk.

  1. Tony and Pat Nelson

    We will follow your adventures via this blog. God’s blessings on you and Dirk,

    Tony and Pat

    • Tony and Pat, what a pleasant surprise! I appreciate all your support. It means a lot. I’ll definitely stay in touch. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Thanks and I wish you well. Enjoy and God Bless.

  3. I did notice the style and am here now 🙂

  4. Hello Deb,

    I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you keep following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint you and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride.

    My subscription went messed up, and now I am resubscribing, looking forward to reading more of your posts! Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein
    #PS: In which city/ university are you teaching? A lot of my students are from Kangnam University-LOL, I know! 🙂 and Chonbuk University, they usually come here year through an articulation program. They’re fantastic people!

    • Subhan, thank you for the New Year wishes. I wish the same for you. I have been remiss in my blog visiting. I really need to catch up on your peaceful site. I consider it MY vacation spot, and I am overdue for some vacation. 🙂 I can assure you that I will stop by soon.
      In time I would like to learn more about your students from Korea. I teach at a theological university in suburban Seoul.

      • Good to know where you teach, Deb. I miss my Korean students and hope that I will meet them when I visit their country one day. Thank you again, for your interest, Deb. Many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

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