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Note from Deb:  Our family is blessed with a gifted poet, my daughter Winnie. She’s a young adult, but she writes about issues that evoke strong emotion and wisdom beyond her years.

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Scared to fall
Your smile terrifies me
It has too much control
Over my heart
I could tell from the start
The way your teeth glistened and your dimples formed
Just gave me a feeling of warmth
I loved the feeling
Yet I hate it
Because of him
And him

In my past
They wooed me
They gained my heart
Then tore it apart
First one took away my trust
He just used it to fulfill his lust

Second one took away my strength
My mind became weak
My opinions turned very bleak

Third one struck my soul
Just when I thought the third was a charm
I didn’t see just how much he could harm
My heart
My love for him

I try not to let these thieves of my past effect my now and future
But you look at me with that same smile
Like he…

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Prelude to a new semester

It’s time to return to Korea for a new semester.  Hubby and I are completing our packing today.  We had the pleasure of returning to the U.S. for a couple of months, and we are thankful for the opportunity to visit family in other states.

As much as I love teaching in Korea, I still feel a bit of sadness just before we leave to go back to campus.  I’m very close to my kids.  My favorite six-year old (my daughter’s son) is my heart and buddy.  My kids are young adults and can take of themselves quite well, thank you, but I guess a mom is always a mom.  Thank goodness for Skype!

Hubby and I will fly out of the U.S. tomorrow afternoon.  After our 13-hour flight, we’ll land in Korea the following evening — in time to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I’ve been listening to some music from R & B artist Anthony Hamilton to keep my spirits up.  Also heartwarming:  at church we received prayers, as well as a donation to help with our travel expenses.  Another church member, a sweet spirit, handed us a cash gift and shared her own experiences of visiting Korea in 1983.  We are blessed with a wonderful cadre of family and friends who have prayed for us and with us, and who have been totally supportive of our mission.

While I’m a bit sad about leaving the comforts of home, I’m also happy because I know we will reconnect with our lovely friends in Korea.  I’m also looking forward to meeting new students and faculty.  I also look forward to getting little reassuring notes and words of wisdom from my brother-in-law, who toiled for years as a career missionary.

As it was in the beginning of this journey, the big lure for me is still working in the classroom.  For me, it’s a natural high.