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Are you in love with your BFF?

What are the qualities you look for in a person you’d consider to date or possibly marry? Now think of those qualities. Now think of the qualities you look for in a close friend. Think about what pulled that person closer to you rather than a person you only speak to a few times a year. Consider your very close friend or also known as your best friend is the opposite sex. Some of the mistakes people make every day are not recognizing what may be in front of them.

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A friend who cares

The friend who can be silent with us

in a moment of despair or confusion,

who can stay with us

in an hour of grief and bereavement,

who can tolerate not knowing,

not healing, not curing,

that is a friend who cares.

– Henri Nouwen

Prelude to a new semester

It’s time to return to Korea for a new semester.  Hubby and I are completing our packing today.  We had the pleasure of returning to the U.S. for a couple of months, and we are thankful for the opportunity to visit family in other states.

As much as I love teaching in Korea, I still feel a bit of sadness just before we leave to go back to campus.  I’m very close to my kids.  My favorite six-year old (my daughter’s son) is my heart and buddy.  My kids are young adults and can take of themselves quite well, thank you, but I guess a mom is always a mom.  Thank goodness for Skype!

Hubby and I will fly out of the U.S. tomorrow afternoon.  After our 13-hour flight, we’ll land in Korea the following evening — in time to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I’ve been listening to some music from R & B artist Anthony Hamilton to keep my spirits up.  Also heartwarming:  at church we received prayers, as well as a donation to help with our travel expenses.  Another church member, a sweet spirit, handed us a cash gift and shared her own experiences of visiting Korea in 1983.  We are blessed with a wonderful cadre of family and friends who have prayed for us and with us, and who have been totally supportive of our mission.

While I’m a bit sad about leaving the comforts of home, I’m also happy because I know we will reconnect with our lovely friends in Korea.  I’m also looking forward to meeting new students and faculty.  I also look forward to getting little reassuring notes and words of wisdom from my brother-in-law, who toiled for years as a career missionary.

As it was in the beginning of this journey, the big lure for me is still working in the classroom.  For me, it’s a natural high.

Happy Birthday, Dillon


One of coolest people on the planet is Dillon, a student at my university and a former assistant.  His Korean name is Yi Jong Hun.  Today is Dillon’s birthday, and this post is dedicated to him.

My husband and I met Dillon when he was assigned to work with us last semester as our assistant.  Dillon immediately proved himself to be indispensable.

God gave our young friend an abundance of gifts.  Dillon is talented in the visual and performing arts.  He now leads the praise and worship at the university church, where hubby delivers the Sunday sermon.  Dillon shows up each Sunday at the newly-formed church without fail, bringing his guitar and angelic voice.  When we recently lost our keyboardist, Dillon stepped in with his MacBook, which contains for each Sunday’s hymns.

Dillon is fluent in English, which is another thing that sets him apart on this campus.  He can even pray in English.  This really impresses my husband, who says it’s not easy to pray in another language.

When he worked as our assistant, Dillon carried a lot of responsibility.  First and foremost, he was our translator.  Virtually all of the university communication is in Korean because so few people speak the language well.  So every time we received a notice or correspondence  — every time signs were posted — we asked Dillon to translate for us.  He also recorded grades and handled other projects.

When we first arrived in Korea, we needed to transact business, such as open a bank account and purchase a cell phone.  Dillon went with us, making those transactions so much easier.  We learned quickly that we could trust him with confidential information.  He is in his mid-20s, yet Dillon is one of the most mature and level-headed people I know.  In time, he became an extended member of our family.

Our multi-talented friend is shy and humble.  But hubby and I also see the wonderfully social side of him.  He has loads of friends.

When last semester ended, so did Dillon’s job as our assistant.  He continues to be a good friend, and we’re always happy when we see him on campus.

For us, Dillon is Korea.   To our dear friend, Happy Birthday.